Document Validation

Limit undeliverable letters

All documents are automatically validated according to postal service requirements to ensure smooth delivery. Any potential issues can be fixed directly in Pingen.

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Digital validation

Automatic validation for postal compatibility

Pingen automatically validates documents to ensure they comply with all printing and postal service requirements. If there’s an issue – like content in restricted areas or an incorrect address position – the issues will be detected and visualized immediately in Pingen. This feature allows you to avoid sending unsuitable documents and reduce the number of undeliverable letters.

Validation for postal dispatchAutomatic validation for postal compatibility
Fix letters onlineEasy Problem-Solving
Easy Problem-Solving

Fix issues directly with Pingen

After submission, Pingen automatically verifies the addresses and restricted areas of your documents. If an address is incomplete or placed incorrectly, you can correct it directly within Pingen. Documents with content in restricted areas can also be fixed directly during the send process. This way, you can drastically reduce your workload and post perfect letters!

With Pingen, sending letters digitally is a breeze!

Thanks to fully Pingen’s automated processes, you can send perfect letters and drastically reduce the time and effort involved in sending snail mail.

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